Friday, September 2, 2011


There are a few rumblings that a segment of society's stampeding herd may be about to "break away and go their own way".  The college bubble...built on the premises that (a) you can't get anywhere without a college degree, and (b) college should begin immediately after graduation from high school, may be about to burst.

The realities set to burst the bubble include:

1.  Tuitions, rooms, food and books have pushed many schools to the financial breaking point for many people...$40,000 or more per year
2.  Many students do not, upon high school graduation, know the specific career they wish to have
3.  College curriculums require students to take a host of courses unrelated to any specific career, and which seem to have little, if any, relevance, to the student's future life
4.  More employers are coming to the realization that a college degree is not a prerequisite for many successful careers (salesmen, secretaries and other office staff, customer service representatives, artists, writers, etc.)
5.  Many colleges have become a hotbed of partying (drinking, drugging and sexual activity).

Almost all colleges are businesses and it is in their interest to keep the stampeding herd and  their golden bubble intact.  Hopefully, each member of the herd will choose his/her own course.

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