Monday, August 29, 2011


I hace come to realize that there are few, if any, problems in life.

Everything that happens in life must be possibles.  By definition, the impossibles cannot, and therefore do not, happen.  Only possibles can happen and possibles are foreseeable.  And when a foreseeable happens, it is not, and ought not be thought of as, a problem.

Getting hungry is not a problem.   Needing sleep is not a problem.  They are normal, natural, possible, foreseeable.  If it rains on the day of your scheduled outdoor picnic, that was possible and foreseeable.  Not a problem.  And the same reasoning holds true for getting ill, not having enough money to buy what you'd like to buy, the show you wanted to see being sold out, etc.  All are possible, normal, natural events.

People moan endlessly about the problems in their life, when, in fact, they have only one problem:  not being alert enough to identify all possibles in their life, and to accept the possibility that those possibles may possibly occur.

And a picnic in the rain can be fun.

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