Saturday, July 23, 2011


by ray newman

The dominant topics of most people's conversation these days circulates around what I refer to as 'management of life" issues...earning or not earning enough money, paying bills, finding cheaper sources for a host of perceived necessary insurances (including auto, health, life, disability, travel, funeral and more), scheduling, confirming, changing, medical, dental and vision appointments, how friends, family, the famous, are mis/handling their personal disasters and setbacks, and on and on.

And not one of them interests me a whit...because they don't qualify as life living because:
   * they are all concretes which do not touch our spirits, our souls
   * they all lack the sweet and spicy aspects of life wit, passion, excitement, thrills
   * they lead not to an enhanced sense of well-being but to stress, despair, depression
   * they are never endingly, monotonously, boringly, repetitious
   * they utilize not one iota of our gifted capacity to explore, to contemplate, to create.
And therein is the major reason why cavemen, aborigines and primitives were  more advanced than we are and lived fuller lives than we do.  Yes they were and Yes they did.  They did not mismanage their lives.  Think of all the things they didn't spend time with:  keeping up to date on cell phones, ipods, blackberries, computers, storing records for tax returns, listing access passwords, remembering  zip codes, area codes, pin numbers, garbage pickup days, credit card numbers, etc., etc., etc.

Oh what a tangled web and mess
When first we practice to progress

Thursday, July 21, 2011


I think it ironic...and sad...that when we count our blessings and think of all the things we have, we most often do not think of the prime blessing, the one without which the others would have no meaning. It is the blessing of being alive. First and foremost what we have is life.

The expected not coming to pass, a relationship gone awry, some rain on our parade, all pale when sidled up to the sublime joy and blessing of being alive. And I think the prime reason for that awareness generally not being at or near the forefront of our minds is that we were not taught that when we were younger. And the reason for that is likely because to think about life is to think of the alternative--death--and that is a subject most prefer to put out of their minds, and the minds of the young.

Yet it seems clear that those who have that awareness sparkling in their minds are much more likely to attain the treasure of happiness.

So, suggestion: Each morning when rising, each evening when lying down to sleep, each time one of life's hurdles pops up in your way, first think but two words (with a smile on your face): I Am!...alive, blessed, among the chosen, lucky.

Not bad to think it when things are going well, too.

Thursday, July 7, 2011


An aide to another Presidential contender said "Michelle Bachmann will be tough to beat in the Iowa caucus because she has hometown appeal, ideological appeal and sex appeal." The sex thing set off a bit off a furor. Bachmann was insulted for someone to say her appeal was sexual (sorry, Sigmund, we are a sexless people after all). The aide hadn't said that exactly, he sais one of her appeals was...oh, well, here's a scenario:

The Presidential election has been held and the votes are being counted. It is a dead heat between Bachmann and Obama. One guy's vote is all that remains to be counted and whoever he voted for will be President.

He voted for Bachmann...and announces he did so solely because he lusts after her, he thinks she is blazing hot and he would love to ravage her.

Bachmann is insulted, I assume, rejects the vote, and Obama remains President for another four years. Right?

Of course.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


I like to walk. In the park. Quiet, empty, serene, beautiful.

Yesterday, one of the other few walkers had gathered a group of 5 other walkers and told me he had something to discuss. He wanted to form a walking club.

"It will be nicer walking as part of a group"

(Walking is walking, it'll be the same, but less private)

"We can call it 'The Sparta Walkers' or 'Drifters' or 'Nomads' and we can have t-shirts made up with our name on the front or the back, we can vote on that...and we can meet here every other day at 9 am...and of course invite other walking groups to join us"

(I don't always feel like walking at 9 and I wish I were a real nomad)

"I think dues of $15 a month will cover a group party on the last walking day of each month, unless it is already a holiday, in which case it will be the first walking day of the following month. As President for the first 6 months, I'll collect the money , cash or bank check only. Presidents can only serve for 4 consecutive terms unless by unanimous vote that rule is waived"

(I don't pay 15 cents to do what I do for free...and one President in my life is more than enough)

"Dogs can be brought along if on a string not longer than 50 feet"

(Goodbye serenity)

"It'll be great"

(Yesterday was Independence Day...but you'd never know it)