Monday, January 31, 2011


I have written about this matter before, but in the past few weeks it has risen to the surface over and over again...and it is bewildering to me.

Over thousands of years, we have learned mountains of stuff about so many things in the universe...knowledge which enhances, enriches, our lives...but we have learned so very little about a critically important thing in the universe: Ourselves. We know so relatively little about the fundamental nature of our species, why we seem to need certain things (companionship, love, attention, admiration, respect, success) to be happy and to feel fulfilled...and why we react so often with despair, depression and violence when we don't have as much of those things as we would like.

What is love? Is all love the same? Do we need it? How much do we need? Why do I feel lonely? Do I really need someone to be with? What am I really missing when I am by myself? Am I afraid of something? I may feel bad when I don't get that new car I want, but that is nothing to the degree of badness I feel when when I get no loving. Admiration may be nice to receive, but do I need it? And why, why, why?

The answers to these and numerous other related questions are way beyond me...and from what I have seen, way beyond virtually everyone else. Parents, themselves unknowledgeable, are helpless to guide their children. Professionals treat our adverse reactions primarily with mindless drugs. Literally mindless, since they are designed to shut off your mind to what is happening with you. Still feeling the pain? Up the dose, increase the mental masking.

Our educational systems ignore the subject almost completely. Learn calculus and trigonometry in high school...two subjects that less than 1% of us will ever need to know or will ever use...but not what our species is, how it really functions, what it really needs, what makes it feel wonderful to be alive, or so painful. Is it any wonder the world tremors.

Where do we begin our voyage to safety, sanity, serenity, soulful bliss, true success?

I guess at the beginning.

Friday, January 28, 2011


Talking with a dear, dear friend yesterday, the question came up: Why do many people choose not to do much thinking? The thinkers are thought of today as nerds, geeks, eggheads, and worse.

After thinking of some of the popular reasons: takes too much effort, generates responsibility, sets unwanted standards of rights and wrongs, wastes time...I realized a better question is not why some of us don't do much thinking, but rather why some of us do.

And the answer to that is easy. What distinguishes man from the ants and all other living and nonliving things in the world, is our ability to think conceptually and rationally. Sorry, guys, that's it! Absent that ability, I am not sure this weak, slow moving, disease prone species would still be around. And more than be around...rule the world.

Pretty much, most everything people want, was created by a thinking mind. All civilizations were created by thinking minds. All beautiful works of art were created by thinking minds. All life enriching inventions were created by thinking minds.

So, if you want to experience the joy, the glory, the passion, of living as a human being, with all its infinite potential and rewards, think, think, think.
You're not an ant, are you?

And be a proud nerd.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


President Obama's call for bipartisanship and cooperation between the parties, is pure political mumbo jumbo. Malarkey.

Why should the Republicans cooperate with Obama and help him accomplish some of his agenda, when they want to beat him in two years. They lose, the way they perceive it, when he gains. For public consumption, the Republicans will say, "Sure, we'll work with you in the interest of the country"...but they don't mean it, and they are wrong. Compromised, half-baked, measures on important issues help no one and are not in the country's interest. Ideas are right or wrong, which makes them good or bas, and in our interest or not. Compromises, meeting the other party halfway...locking the front door but leaving the back door open... serves no one, except the thief.

Suggestion for the day: Let us stop the political party system. Candidates should be elected on individual merit...and receive the most votes because the electorate is familiar with their political positions and accomplishments,and not because they are members of a certain party.

The general voter attitude, "I always vote Democratic (or Republican or whatever)"
is archaic and illogical. Not all members of a party hold the same political philosophy, and some members of every party are incompetent and should not be put into office. That prevalent attitude encourages party loyalty, party control, the election of unknowns (look at President Obama's election) and worse, and votes by Congressmen and women for reasons (eg,campaign funding)contrary to the interests of constituents.

Back to basics: We are individuals, we ought run and serve as individuals, and be judged as individuals.

individual achevenebt

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


The media's attention on Sarah Palin and everything she does and says seems never-ending and curious. On the one hand, they complain that she is "over her head", with limited experience as mayor of a minuscule town and governor of a somewhat remote and disconnected state...suddenly involved in big time politics. When she spoke about the left's baseless accusation that the right was guilty of the recent Arizona shooting tragedy, and her labeling that accusation as "blood libel", which it certainly was, the political media pundits boiled it all down to "she spoke for 8 minutes, 5 would have been better", "she spoke out on the wrong day, in the wrong venue".

Please, I wondered, what is it about this lady that draws all this media attention, what is her fascination, if those trivia and minutia are its focus?

And then I realized that that is is the fact that she is not shackled by protocol and convention and political correctness, the way all other politicians are, but speaks her mind, loud and clear for all to hear. She is not constrained by shoulds and shouldn'ts. (That must be why Hollywood is fascinated with politics. Politicians are play acting, reading from scripts, they are virtually all actors, too.)

I don't know if Sarah Palin has the smarts to be President...I don't see anyone, ANYONE, else who does. I don't know if she can beat Obama, as anyone should...polls now say she wouldn't. But I do know this: as of today, Sarah Palin is my front runner. In fact, she is the only one in the race...because she is free.

And it all begins with that in my book.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


President Obama spoke of "the twisted logic that caused these events" when he spoke of the 2009 rampage that killed 17 in Ft. Hood. He is likely to use similar words today when he memorializes those killed and wounded in the Arizona shootings last week.

But the President has no right to convey such thoughts when he, himself, refuses to enforce immigration laws that he is being paid to enforce and that is his responsibility to enforce under the Constitution, which he swore to uphold when he took office. That failure on his part allows a flood of criminals and terrorists to pour into our country, endangering our safety, and contributing greatly to the ever increasing frequency of criminal violence in our country.

The first thing we ought tell the world is that our laws to protect our lives and our way of life will be enforced...rigidly, vigorously, uncompromisingly.

That is the message the President ought announce today...and begin imposing today. It would be the best way to honor the victims in Arizona.

Sunday, January 9, 2011


The government...federal/state...has one and only one proper area of concern: Safety. Our individual safety from force. Why? Because individually we do not have the power to do it ourselves. I cannot defend against a foreign nation's attack or organized underworld mayhem. If I could, there would be no need for government. The concept of justice, critical to human survival, is nonexistent in an anarchistic society.

For the purpose of safety, the government may maintain a military, a police force, and courts for the peaceful resolution of disputes. Period. Every other government-assumed authority is improper.

Every other "social" goal, no matter how worthy and meritorious, must properly be achieved through voluntary means: charities, philanthropies, private endowments. A government's use of force against individuals, requiring them to provide and/or pay for such a goal, is a criminal assault and a violation of our individual right and glory to choose the course, content, and character of our lives.

An ancient greeting to a sojourning stranger had it concise and perfect: "If your camel's bags are empty of hate, linger at my tent and be welcome."

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Loose-tongued Tucker Carlson said Michael Vick "ought to be executed" for killing those dogs a few years back...for which he served two years in federal penitentiary. "I love dogs," Carlson said. (Carlson subsequently retracted his statement, but said Vick should not be praised for now promoting animal "rights" and contributing money to that cause. "After all," said Carlson, "reformed child molesters are not allowed near children." )

So, I guess all those, including me and likely Carlson, who have ever eaten cow, pig, chicken, turkey, duck, deer, sheep, buffalo, lobster or hundreds of other animals or fish or birds, should be guillotined forthwith, 'cause someone out there loves 'em. We can add to that list those who shoot and kill birds for fun, behead deer for trophies to prove their manhood, torture fish by ensnaring them on hooks made tempting with live worms and then "benevolently" throwing them back in the water. And let's add those (Carlson?) who don't allow their pets to roam free, but keep them caged or tied to the end of a leash in violation of their unalienable right to be free. Goodbye, y'all, Tucker loves 'em.

Carlson said he is a Christian and opposed to capital punishment...I guess for those who only kill us mere humans.


Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Did you hear about the Navy captain who was relieved of his command of the USS Enterprise aircraft carrier for allowing "raunchy, slur-laden" videos to be shown on the ship over a number of years. Raunchy, debauched, licentious. How low can you go! (Don't visualize that.)

Pity the poor sailors exposed to impure, bawdy, stuff like that...their pure virginal hearts stained by devilish sexual thoughts. Where is Mary Poppins when you need her?

(I understand that the videos contained some anti-gay slurs. That is inappropriate. Enough to warrant the captain being relieved of command???? Maybe. But not for the sexual stuff.)

It is reported that during the four years the videos were show, 473 sailors masturbated aboard ship, 1,748 had wet dreams, and a whopping 11,316 recalled having intercourse with their spouses. And 3 actually wondered whether their mothers ever had had sex. Truth be known, with only 11 aircraft carriers in our fleet, America's security hung in the balance.

Some in the Pentagon are now urging that communal showers be banned, together with genital-bulging jockey underwear and swimsuits. We are to become an asexual military, society, nation, world! Can't have the President going to bed at night wondering about the state of his affairs when he should be thinking about affairs of state.



The "initial beneficiary" (IB) is the first recipient of an action taken. If the action taker is not properly the initial beneficiary, he or she is the "secondary beneficiary" (SB). Secondary not in terms of lesser, but in terms of derivatively...the SB benefits if the IB benefits.

A mother cooks a meal for her infant child. The child is the IB and the mother, fulfilling her responsibility as parent, is the SB. A physician treats a patient. The patient is the IB and the physician, income and reputation, is the SB. Student is IB, teacher SB. Customer IB, salesman SB.

The problem? When the SB action taker improperly casts himself or herself as the IB. Do you believe the car dealer has your interest first? That the politician recognizes and accepts that you, the citizen, are the IB?

Cure? The moment you sense the action taker has replaced you in his mind as the IB, though continuing to talk as if you were, abandon the SOB...sorry, SB...and find an honest one. There are still a few around.

If you don't, complain not.

Monday, January 3, 2011


When was the last time you took ten seconds to stop and think to yourself:

"I am fortunate, lucky, appreciative, blessed, to have this bed to sleep in, this food to eat, this love to share life with...and most importantly, to be alive"

Not to feel it subconsciously, indirectly, implicitly...but to think it specifically, purposefully, precisely, meaningfully, directly???

When was the last time you taught your children to do the same???