Monday, February 28, 2011


Time for a laugh, a good laugh.

Last week, Obama said Libyan dictator Gaddafi must resign on Thursday. He failed to say, however, what time on Thursday, so Gaddafi didn't know when to he stayed. When your boss tells you you're through, shouldn't he tell you precisely as of when?

Hillary Clinton said "The Libyan people deserve a government that recognizes their universally recognized rights." Like the right to be taxed? The right to have your property taken away by eminent domain? The right to be told what drugs you can put into your body? The right to be drafted into the military? The right to be required to have health insurance? The right to be told that your sexual persuasion does not permit you to get married? You mean those URR's?

Obama froze all Libyan government assets in the U.S., including the ones which ought not have been allowed to be hidden here in the first place.

Our guardianship says the turmoil in Libya (where is Libya, by the way?) is a threat to our national security. Libyans are a threat to take over America? Hey, if Libya is a threat, what about those protesters in Wisconsin?

Are you laughing yet?

Saturday, February 26, 2011


Americans are obsessed with their efficiency, which means, for the most part, getting things done faster.

"Get in touch with the whole internet world 14% faster...dial up your Ipod selection in milliseconds...cook twice as quick in our new laserbeam inferno cooker...etc."

The SAT exam...which graduating high schoolers take, and which colleges rely heavily on in choosing which applicants to admit to their school...has 195 questions to be done in 200 minutes. "Read the math question, think about information it gives you, what it is asking, solve it in 60 seconds, or we don't want you. You are not up to speed, dummy."

Now all of that would be...alright...if we were machines...which we are rapidly psycho-illogically becoming...but we ain't...we have a thinking, feeling brain. And neither of those generally overlooked traits function well, if at all, at high speed. They both need time to percolate, absorb, sense, explore, consider, relish, admire. To smell the roses. Not faster, quicker, sooner, but deeper, more fully, more personally, with greater nuances, texture, awareness. so ease up, throttle down, ease up, decelerate. What are we running away from? Where are we running to?

"To paraphrase Saint-Exupery, "It is only with the heart that one can see fully; what is essential is invisible to the eye."

Friday, February 25, 2011


Answering critics questioning how he could be a commentator on what presumably ought be an objective media outlet, Fox News, Mike Huckabee proudly annnnnnnnnnnd defiantly announced, "I am not part of Fox's news side, I am on the program side. I do not pretend to me nor am I objective".

Roget's Thesaurus: "Objectivity: unprejudiced, unbiased, unjaundiced, impartial, fair, just, equitable, impersonal, uninfluenced"

Newman: Objective: based on reality (not whims, feelings, fantasies), truth, right

Wouldn't want you to be any of those dastardly things, Mike, certainly not as President!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


This may not be the most important post I have ever written, but it highlights foolishness in society's norms that hide true feelings behind meaningless convention even in unimportant matters.

It's about the way we've been taught to close business letters:

YOURS TRULY...what does that mean? I always tell you the truth? Ha! And what does Yours mean? You are mine? To do what with?

GODSPEED and MAY GOD BE WITH YOU...sorry, not your choice

BEST whom, from whom, in regard to what? And how does that differ from warm regards, kind regards and just good ole fashioned regards?

CORDIALLY...compared to what, ruthlessly?

SINCERELY...I know what that conveys, "I really really really mean what I wrote"... compared to the usual "I mean 47% of what I wrote" can you respect me when you don't really really really know me?
And respect me for what?

FAITHFULLY YOURS...I haven't a clue what that means

PRAYERFULLY...what are you praying for? That I pay your bill? OK, let's pray:
"Kol Nidre, vesaurey, vecharomey, ve kenuyey?" That was good!

And please, don't Dear me, I am not interested in how attracted you are to me, especially if you're threatening to foreclose on my home.

Then, again, maybe we can work out a deal.



Monday, February 21, 2011


On my desert island, there will be:

* no conversational emails...humans will talk with each other and hear the inflections, the nuances of expression...they will hear and feel "I love you" from the heart and not from the keyboard

* children will be taught the art of logical thinking and the virtue of independence...there will be no calculators used in schools or on exams, students will use and sharpen the calculator that nature gave them...there will be no public schools

* there will be no coupons giving discounts on the price of goods only to those who spend precious time (far more valuable than the discounts) cutting coupons

* there will be no reality shows, no talk shows, no sitcoms on television, which will air only performing arts, sporting events and one half hour of daily news...there will be no commercials

* children will choose their own names at age 15

* no license will be required for marriage, no judge's approval for divotce

* all drugs will be over the counter to adults

* animals will not be hunted for pleasure, caged or eaten

* all decibel levels (radio, tv, stereos, ipods, etc) will be kept at a level that does not interfere with one's ability to hear oneself think

* workers will be paid cash at the end of each day's work...there will be no withholdings, no company benefits, no paid vacations, no sick leaves

* there will be no government

* everyone must do one thing each day to make the island more beautiful

* my desert island will be open only to those I invite to live there...there will be a "3 times you're out" guideline: do two things at the same time and/or be negative and/or be dishonest 3 times and you will be permanently banished from my island!

Saturday, February 19, 2011


Tens of millions of people in America suffer from crippling diseases. Hundreds of millions worldwide.

I have written before about reducing our nation's debt, and I stand firm on that point. But if the politicos feel compelled to increase our spending and the burden we are placing on future generations to pay it off, then I propose the following: Do not give the money to foreign countries and their questionable and suspect leaders, but give it instead to drug research companies around the world to be used solely for research to prevent/cure/control major diseases/afflictions/plagues, including heart maladies, cancers, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, epilepsy, HIV/AIDS, pulmonary diseases, tuberculosis, malaria, typhoid, and others.

All knowledge gained by this research would immediately be made known to all peoples of the benefit them and all future human life.

If spend we will, time to spend smart.

Thursday, February 17, 2011


I have never been a fan of Donald Trump. Quite the reverse. I have always thought he was a pompous, self-inflated compulsive addicted to adulation and attention.

Now...I can't fully believe I am about to say this...I am warming up to him running for, and me supporting him, for President next year.

He is a very conservative Republican with ardent support for a strong military. He is prepared to offer federal assistance to needy freer nations of the world, provided they "pay" for it by giving us something in return that benefits our country (eg, money, military positioning, etc.). He has a mind on reducing federal debt (something he may know something about), without cutting support programs that people have contributed taxes to and are dependent on. He is pro-life, and opposed to gay marriage (he is wrong about the latter; it is none of our Guardianship's (see post, Name Change)business whom or what you choose to marry, support, live with (other than underage children)...marry your cat, as far as I'm concerned.

Has Trump had political experience? No. Maybe that's good. The people I see with decades of political experience don't seem to have a clue as to what to do to protect our country, to give it the environment in which to thrive. Who is better and electable out there?

He seems to know and is not afraid to identify our enemies (eg, China), and says he will treat them accordingly. He projects the attitude Ayn Rand identified at the core of the American spirit: Don't Push Me Around.

Ron Paul, whom I generally like, asked how Trump could run since he has never won an election for executive office. I suppose Paul told the voters not to vote for him when he first ran for office. Paul could have made the same argument to Washington, Madison, Taylor, Pierce, Buchanan, Grant, Garfield, Harrison, Hoover, Eisenhower. Some of them were pretty good.

Monday, February 14, 2011


On the day the Egyptian president resigned, the head of the American guardianship (read my recent blog, "Name Change"...I don't call it a government anymore)annunced that "we will give the Egyptian people all the assistance they need".

Not "all the assistance we can afford"...with 14 trillion in debt, we can afford nada...

Not "all the goods we have a surplus of in our warehouses that are about to spoil and rot"...there are none...

Not "all the stuff we have that we don't need"...look around, there are Americans are need of remember Americans, the people who hired the guardians in Washington, the people who pay their salaries, the people whose freedoms and rights the elected guardians were hired to protect and secure, the people who are, or are the parents of, those who will have to pay off our mounting absurd debt.

The head guardian in Washington doesn't even know who will be running Egypt, friend or foe, ally or terrorist. He asks for nothing in return, nothing in trade for that bottomless pit of assistance.

The head guardian has said before that one country should not be wealthier, stronger, more influential, than other countries. He has said before the people of one country should not live better lives than the people of any other country.
He has said that wealth should be redistributed to equalize the present "imbalance" among people. He wants to bring America down to the lowest common denominator.

Any question about that?

Thursday, February 10, 2011


We picked the wrong word to characterize those in political office: Government.

Here are some of the Thesaurus synonyms and related words for "govern":

wield authority
be master of
hold back

Here are some of the Thesaurus synonyms and related words for "freedom":


"Government" may be appropriate when the head of it is an emperor, a king, a
dictator. It is a misnomer in our free country.

I propose Guardianship instead of Government...political employees hired by us,
paid by us, for one and one purpose only: to guard, protect and secure our
freedom. There will be no president, no vice-president, no senators
(historically, the ruling class), no representatives (another misnomer), no
governors, no mayors...only head guardian, vice-guardian, general guardians,
state and city guardians. Period.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


An Egyptian style demonstration is coming to America. That is my forecast. Maybe this summer (in time for the next presidential primaries and election). High school juniors and seniors, some college students, some older rebels (me). Here is our cry to the president, congressmen, governors and all elected officials:

"STOP the spending, STOP the escalating trillions of dollars debt that we will have to pay for, that will be an unbearable life-killing burden on our lives and dreams...STOP the seemingly endless intrusion into every facet of our lives. Get off our backs. STOP telling us what we must do, what we can do. You do not own us, though you think you do. STOP choosing what laws to enforce and what laws not to enforce. STOP inserting America into every worldwide trouble spot. They are not our troubles unless others directs force against us. Then destroy those enemies with the matchless unparalled force of our weaponry. And START adhering to our Constitution.

We are free people and if you need us to prove it to you, we will. Peaceful, strident, massive civil disobedience on every conceivable front. We will buy all goods on the black market, snarl up traffic to make it difficult for people to get to work, start thousands of lawsuits to congest the courts and effectively shut down the judicial system, flood the post office with incorrect addresses and inadequate postage to overtax the postal system, use different identities for different purposes, strategically make voting difficult and urge parents, friends, neighbors not to vote in the charade that elections have become.

Those are Step 1. Steps 2 to 100 will follow unless you accept, by voice and action, that your dictatorial unAmerican ways are over."

We had a revolution in this country once before. We can have another one.

Monday, February 7, 2011


Stifling thought is man's deadliest sin. Alright, second deadliest fill in the first. And that is because it neutralizes, nullifies, annuls, cancels, vitiates, voids, two of man's distinguishing unique attributes...his ability to think (conceptually) and express his thoughts (vocabulary).

Man has evolved in many glorious ways, but in the process has chosen to bury himself under an avalanche of lame reasons to stifle his thoughts: etiquette, manners, social graces, political correctness, protocol, politeness, and a host of others. Out of a fear of losing acceptance, friendship, employment, or other favors, man restrains from exposing his true self and lives a masquerade. Though he knows who he is, he opts, out of a shortfall of self esteem and/or pride and/or courage, not to let others know it. In an age of instant worldwide communication, he frequently hits the mute button.

Reality, however, can never be stifled, is never silent. It blares the pain of a suppressed self to the deepest level of man's soul.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Here we go again...and if it weren't so stupidly sickening, it would be laughable.

We have been supporting a dictator in Egypt for 30 years on the grounds that it was in our global interest to do so (Error #1, it is never in our interest to be on the side of oppression). We are telling the dictator and his opposition that we stand with both (Error #2, being on the side of both = being on the side of neither). We are telling that dictator and the Egyptian people what they must do in this time of unrest (Error #3, we have no right to tell any other country what it must do to solve its problems, particularly when we don't know how to solve our own). We have given billions of dollars to that dictator and, put your money on this, we will soon be sending more (Error #4, we are broke). We are saying we support democracy (Error #5, democracy is mob rule, we are a nation founded on and supportive of guaranteed individual rights and freedom).

Correction: We elected the wrong people (Error #1).

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


There is a lesson the world can learn from Israel and the Jewish people.

The Jewish race was the target and victim of the most barbaric and destructive insanity imaginable: the attempted extermination of every last one of its 12 million members on the planet. The totality of the onslaught against innocent men, women and children will reverberate forever. The gassing and burning of over 6 million... screaming infants in sight of parents, loved ones in sight of helpless lovers, elders in sight of those who revere them...sunk humanity to its lowest level.

And out of the ashes, out of the stench of burning flesh, out of the chaotic mindless and devastating holocaust, out of humanity's shame and degradation, there arose not a hatred, not a call for retribution, not a counter insanity, but a wondrous resolve, a strength, a spine, that declares its life glorifying determination in but two words: Never Again.

The world about it breeds hatred and violence again. Its neighbors scream threats of extermination again. The nation of Israel breeds stoic and mighty power. And goes about living and thriving.

That is the lesson for the ages.