Monday, September 5, 2011


Today is Labor Day, so I was thinking about our so-called national holidays ("so-called" because each state determines what holidays are celebrated in its state).

Labor Day, meant to celebrate and honor the achievements of America's workforce, does not, for most people, I guess, celebrate anything.  It's a day off, end of summer, back to school, thing.  Shame.

Same for President's Day, Flag Day, Columbus Day.  Even on Independence Day, I hear no one consciously celebrating the enduring and beautiful achievement of the American Patriots who gave us our freedom.

I think what is missing is the "our".  We are not as united as our name suggests.  We are yet, predominantly, a collection of smaller groups.  I hear little talk, reverence and honor for "our" workers, "our" Presidents, "our" flag, "our " country, "our" freedom.  And it seems to me that our President, who came into office championing a new wave of unity, has, in fact, exacerbated the situation, and has driven the different groups even further apart.

Let's start spelling the word "honor" the way they used to in the old has the word "our" in it.  Perhaps that will remind us what's missing in our holidays.

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