Monday, September 19, 2011


This country was founded on a unique in the history of the word concept:  equality of all people (yes, the initial application of that concept was defectively applied to slaves and women, but that has since been cleared up).  The Founders had in mind a classless society, no royalty, no special privileges to special groups.  And equality UNDER THE LAW...the government to treat all the same.

Apparently, many people do not know what the word equality means, so here it is:  parity, equivalence, correspondence, parallelism, likeness, levelness, evenness, balance, the same.

So, the next time you hear the president (sorry, no respectful cap) or any of his political supporters talk about "limiting tax deductions for those making over $250,000" or whatever other proposal that sets up classes in our society, you will OPEN YOUR WINDOW AND SCREAM LOUD AND CLEAR: "INEQUALITY, INJUSTICE, BIAS, PARTISANISM, FAVORITISM, DISCRIMINATION, WRONG, UNAMERICAN."

One other thing:  THROW THE BUMS OUT.

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