Thursday, November 17, 2011


The assistant football coach at Penn State is charged with molesting young boys in his care...and if he is guilty, he violated their rights and ought be punished.

But the tv shows running up to an hour discussing the unfolding case are violating his a fair trial before an impartial jury.  Most if not all of them, condemn and"convict" the coach (without having all the facts or hearing his testimony or listening to his attorney's defense), label him "sick" (what psychology school did they study at), and tell and retell the alleged sexual acts he performed on the kids...all  to the point of ingraining his guilt on the American public's mind.

Wrong, wrong, wrong!  Unfair and unjust.  Can he get a fair trial in America? The answer to that question should always be "Absolutely", but the answer is now "Maybe" or "Doubtful".

And its all being done by tv networks and stations worshiping the Golden Calf.  And by so many of us who (a) revel in unproven gossip, (b) accept unproven rumors, (c) are somehow validated by a malevolent view of the Universe.

Unacceptable in a country where justice is the main (only?) bulwark against oppression.

Click! off these destructive shows.

Click! off buying the products of advertisers on these programs.

Click! off malevolent attitudes.

Click! on "with liberty and justice for ALL."

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