Monday, November 14, 2011


Democrats are laughing at Governor Rick Perry's inability during a debate to remember the three federal departments he would seek to dissolve should he win next year's presidential election.  The Democrats have conveniently forgotten that their main man has forgotten virtually every significant promise he made during his campaign.   But why should any of this junk surprise us.  Politicians (and I mean all of them) are prone to lie, to forget to remember, to double-talk, to speak half-truths, for the goal of attaining or
retaining power.  You know it, I know it, they know it...and we do nothing about it.

Perry has it backwards.  It is not three departments we should throw out, but three only we should keep:  the military (to repel our enemies), the FBI and CIA (to provide us with needed security), and a judiciary (to provide a forum for the peaceful settlement of disputes and grievances).  That would comply with and conform to the principles set out in our Constitution...particularly that little seemingly insignificant one that recognizes the sovereignty of my life, that I own my life, and that the ONLY function of government is to provide me with an environment in which I am free to choose the course of my life.

Oh, I forgot.  Who reads the Constitution?

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