Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I hear people wondering whether tv reality shows are honest or fixed...the contest or competition unfolding as the owner of a show wishes it to unfold.

They're fixed, all of them fixed (did we learn nothing from the $64,000 revelation that it was fixed, the winner given answers in advance of the competition).

How do I know they're fixed?

* most people are not totally honest (for many reasons, including the fact they don't know WHY they should always be honest)

* most people, in fact, take a measure of pride if  they "got away with it"

* most people are even less honest when they can gain something tangible from the lie

* most people are flagrant liars when big time MONEY is on the line

* the ability to lie has gone from a sin to a virtue in the inverted popular mindset

* tv shows are "protected" from accusations of cheating by the catchy cleanser, "it's only entertainment"  (ranking alongside "it's only business", "it's only for fun", "it's only a game")

* most liars find refuge in what is close to a truism: "everybody is doing it"

* it is generally believed by most people that God doesn't watch reality shows

Do you really think the owner of a hit reality show is going to allow that guy/gal attracting all those advertiser-loved viewers to be "prematurely" voted off, taking all those advertising millions with him/her?

They are called reality shows precisely to make you not question what the true reality is.

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