Sunday, October 16, 2011


I am on a ban the word "too" from the English language.

It's almost always used in a negative sense:  He works too hard, she wears too much makeup, they are too focused on winning, we spend too much of our money on foolish things, etc.  Its as if there is a standard out there for everything in life...go above it and you are in the too zone.  Live below it and you're in the not enough zone (that's for another post).

But there is no standard, no set amount of anything, except for the very very basics of life:  food, air.  Otherwise, you choose the course, the quantity,  of your life.  That may be the most glorious thing of human life:  We choose.  Which explains in a nutshell why America is the grandest of countries.  It was founded on the guarantee to each of us that we will be forever free to choose the scope, the quantity,  of our life.

Fight to the end those who would shackle your life with artificial limits and restraints, who seek to keep you in the middle of life's road, who deplore living life to the fullest (and beyond)..for if you let them do their bidding, if you succumb to their mediocrity, it is the end.

And wouldn't that would be too bad?

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