Saturday, October 22, 2011


There is no sense trying to pinpoint who is responsible for the moral decay that is America...we pretty much all are, including:

* those who would have difficulty stating with certitude why integrity, pride, honesty and independence are, among others, critical virtues

*those who believe morality is subjective:  meaning, you pick the code of morality, if any, that you think is good for you, and I pick mine...and one is no better than the other

*those who base their morality on the Bible of their choice...which is just the way some of those in the previous group do their picking

* those who see that in America's public school system, morality is not taught, but do not complain out loud about that and do nothing to see that it is taught

* those who worship the Golden Calf and will do pretty much anything to gain its favor

* those who value the concrete prizes of life above the serenity, the beauty, of their soul

* those who treasure moral unto others and unto yourself what others do

* those who keep silent when they witness immorality

* those who stopped reading this post because they feared recognizing themselves.

We have seen in the past that it may take an apocalypse for a people, a nation, to change course.  Has the birth of one already occurred?

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