Saturday, October 15, 2011


The President has decided to send 100 troops to Uganda to help fight the alleged atrocities being committed there by what is called the Lord's Resistance Army. Soon to be followed by "a second combat-equipped team and associated headquarters, communications and logistics personnel."  He "validates" this move by claiming it is in "our security interests" to do so.

Hogwash!  The LRA does not pose a threat to America.  All of Uganda does not pose a threat to America.  All of Africa does not pose a threat to America.  It is Barack Obama that is a threat to America.

More young men and women are to be put in harm's way, more to be maimed and killed, more to be engaged in yet another undeclared war.  If reports are true, the LRA is committing obscene atrocities on the Ugandan people.  There is reason to feel compassion, there is reason to want to do something.  And in America we have a policy to do just that.

It is called VOLUNTARY.  You want to go over there and fight?  Go.  You want to send money to the Ugandan Army to buy military supplies?  Send.

But no one...not one enlisted soldier...can be forced to go without violating the constitution and the principles of our great country.

(How come I don't see the President offering to go fight in Uganda?  How come I hear none of our brilliant, freedom-loving politicians saying one word complaining about what the President is doing?  None  moving to impeach him?  It is that void, not the LRA, that  threatens America.)

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